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iBOMIC Universal Kit

not available

iBOMIC is a revolutionary mounting system for hand held devices which allows you to use your device in microscopic surgery. The unique mounting system for microscopic surgery on the market.

Beam splitter 80/20

2.100 €

lux 80% surgery 20% Camera Head.


1850€ EURO

Microscope adapter for video camera (type ikegami MKC-210HD, MKC-310HD , MKC-700HD, MKC-704KHD, MKC-750UHD)
Manual focus, without IR filter.

Converter from zeiss to muller

250€ EURO

Converter from zeiss to leica

250€ EURO

Converter from leica to zeiss

250€ EURO



Medical Grade 4K Camera MKC-750UHD to be suitable for surgical video operations, Microscopes o Endoscopes. MKC-750UHD is the first developed medical 4K 3 sensors camera from Ikegami. 



Ikegami has developed a new high-end medical grade camera which is used for surgical microscope, shadowless lamp, including the operative field camera system. It has a progressive scan Full-HD 3CMOS that can take advantage of a variety of medical situations.



The MKC-310HD employs 3 x 2.1Megapixel Full-HD 1/3-inch CMOS Sensor to provide 1000 lines of high definition video images through 3G-SDI output interface, coupled with High Sensitivity performance of F10/2000 lux providing the optimal video quality required for special applications.



The MKC-210HD employs 2.1 Mega pixel Full-HD 1/3-inch CMOS sensor to provide 900 lines of high definition video images, and the optimal video quality required for high-end medical video systems.



The MLW-2150HD is a medical grade Full -HD LED Monitor with 3G / HD-SDI and HDMI interface. MLW-2150HD is ideal for HD video monitoring or PC applications. With a VESA interface it can be easily racked, wall-mounted or used as a desktop.

CFA-400 series

7800€ EURO

Ikegami has developed new surgery microscope adaptors, CFA-400 series, for 3 chips Full HD (High Definition) and 4K cameras with the higher optical resolution. They equip the optical auto iris function and perform the deeper focus depth with Ikegami MKC camera series.

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